.NET App Development and its Architecture Basics

Project architects always need to plan an efficient strategy for .NET development and the applications in question.

The primary goal of all project architects is to create a plan which works from the ground up in regards to the creation of a wholly new application. All relevant factors need to be considered while creating the application right from its structural design and layout to the architecture. It is necessitated by Microsoft to devise.NET strategies and design guidelines which are part of the entire DNA (Distributed interNet Application) platform. This model serves the purpose for developing varied applications. Also, this model helps in creating robust, distributed applications which are divided in three distinct layers which includes the presentation layer, the business rules layer and data access layer.

With each of the independent layers within itself is a separate issue altogether. One can have its own methodologies which one can devise for standardizing best practices within an organization. The factors involved with each of the methodologies involve proper design, effective data access and eye-pleasing presentation. Each of the layers is important for the overall health of the application, and all of them need to be optimized to the maximum. One can go through each Tier and by employing the best methods, one can secure a robust, safe and high-performance application fo the distributed environment.

One of the most important issues in this regard is high performance and scalability of the application on different platforms. Performance is related to the application’s responsiveness and the actual performance in question. This part can be taken care with the methodologies that are being implemented as best practices within an organization. Scalability is a parallel topic that relates to high-performance of the application for all users and does not get tied up to a single server for that matter. High scalable applications are used to minimize network traffic, and the overall interaction with the server-side database implemented by the organization. One can then utilize the scalability factor to enhance the performance of the application.

It is highly difficult to architect a robust application and it requires the use of a time-tested, structurally sound methodology devised by an expert. It requires a methodology which has an application development process which can break the application into separate, easily maintainable components which require single modifications for implementing site-wide changes. The importance of harmony is required between diverse IT development teams, so that no one is required to interfere in each other’s tasks. The parts should make sense to the end result application or the sum total. It is not only important to create several high performing components of the application but it is altogether important to lead all the components to a single whole application which has integrated functionalities and features, performing as a unit.

It is recommended for most organizations to hire experienced .NET developers or .NET app development companies for learning more ways to maximize the features of an application. It is important to find out outside sources which can deliver in-depth information which is required for your organization to create a fully functional application which makes sense to the entire picture.






.NET App Development and Custom .NET Application Development - What You Ought to Know

Scalability and performance are two of the most significant factors that determine the efficiency of any new application. .NET app development has been one of the most innovative technologies in use today.

This software development platform is aimed at rapid application development, network transparency and platform independence. Hence, it proves to be an ideal framework for developing and building high performance and strong enterprise solutions.

As a matter of fact, it has always been a major goal of the project heads and architects to plan out a useful strategy from the scratch in regard to the use of a new application. In this regard, all relevant facts are taken into account with respect to the .NET application, starting from the layout to the design of the functional website infrastructure.

.NET model successfully serves the purpose of architecting network transparency and platform independence and rapid application development. Hence, the .Net application development platform has been playing the most crucial role in improving framework interoperability and thus supporting the business to utilize information, data and application in the most efficient manner.

In the most recent times, the significance the .NET development has been perceived as one of the most effective platforms which cater to the demands of the target audience. There are many companies that bring forth custom .NET Application development solutions in order to address and meet the future as well as present business requirements. Most of these companies involve their extensive experience and knowledge in delivering custom, end to end .NET solutions for wide ranging clients engaged in different industrial sectors like finance, insurance, ecommerce, healthcare, medical devices, hospitality etc.

A company specializing in application development generally includes a .NET team with extensive knowledge in the Microsoft technologies that include .NET, SharePoint, ADO.NET, VB.NET, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Silver light, Windows Communication foundation (WCF) and Windows Workflow Foundation (WF).

Each and every company offering .net app development services works with an essential target and that is provide high calibre convention programming provisions that help meet the diverse technical and business requirements on time. The services offered by the companies include SaaS, Document Management, Content Management, eCommerce, Business Intelligence, Interactive Media, Extranets/Intranets, and Internet Portals.

The team of experts offering .NET development services help connect systems, information and services through software. The team offers development, design as well as integration business solutions based on the .NET platform. Some of the most comprehensive solutions also include technology upgrade services, .NET web service, .NET custom control development, custom software development, content management system (CMS) development, E-commerce application development, Migration and Integration Services, .NET architecture design and design evaluation.

Whether you are looking for mobile application development, web application development, and other IT support services, you must make sure to choose a team with experienced ASP.NET developers, investigators, designers and planners in order to ensure a wide variety of services. Bear in mind that the most experienced team will include a vast array of advanced development technologies and techniques to bring you the desired outcome. So, make sure to conduct a thorough background check before you choose a team.

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DOT NET Development and the reasons why it is preferred by many

DOT NET Development is extremely popular in companies who want their web development requirements fulfilled. There are various reasons why it is popular among the masses.


It is a known fact dot net has always been the most preferred and used languages for web development. This development platform provides a compact structure for creating applications and different types of sites which can run well on the Microsoft platform. It is a revolutionary technology which has been in line with creation of dynamic applications which are mostly interactive and user-friendly.


Here are the top reasons why DOT NET is the most preferred technology in the world:


It helps to provide solutions for a wide range of business kinds, from personal to corporate. This framework is opted by many due to some of the exclusive features which it exhibits. 


1. Effective integration with third party solutions and software packages


DOT NET is primarily known to provide great support to a great number of applications and solutions while also able to integrate with other web services. This proves to be very lucrative and profitable for any company since they do not have to invest in compatible applications but can get existing applications integrated with the .NET platform. It also increases the various functionalities for creating dynamic applications efficiently and promotes drastic software interoperability. 


2. Rapid development and wide coding standards


DOT NET supports rapid development and exhibits fantastic performance by using all tools which are available in the existing market. This helps the developers to avoid fresh code and make use of existing code snippets and Windows application services. DOT NET also supports various applications which is of immense advantage for the developers.


3. Object oriented advantage


DOT NET provides the perfect object-oriented atmosphere where the execution as well as the storage of code is on a local basis. It also renders other advantages associated to OOP languages.


4. Higher security levels


DOT NET is extremely safe and secured from external attacks. It is rather one of the best in security features because of its defense-in-depth security strategy. The security level of the applications can be ascertained by the developers as required for database security especially if the apps is accessed remotely.


5. Supports data retrieval and recovery


DOT NET possesses magnificent crash protection capability which helps in data recovery after a sudden crash effortlessly. It even has the rare ability to detect any memory leak and can retrieve it back. These security measures make DOT NET extremely reliable and secured to use.


6. Language-independent


DOT NET has multi-lingual capabilities which helps developers of diverse origins and allows the developer for language programming comfortably. Developers who are well versed with development can leverage the features optimally for companies of various domains.


Along with various other reasons, DOT NET also manages to provide a plethora of enhancements, modifications and customizations. DOT NET also features various attributes which are akin to top quality and reliable solutions. It is lucrative to hire offshore software providers who boast of amazing skill set and cost-effective services. This practice has worked wonders for many companies and continues to be beneficial for companies who opt for virtual developers adept in .NET development.






Is your dream about being a .NET Developer?

Do you want to become a .Net Developer? Are you sure about the industry and the growth trends? If yes, what is stopping you?


Some people want to become a .NET developer because the position is a lucrative one and you want to have the skills. .NET is one of the mostly widely used languages used for web development. Here’s how to get started:


Learning .NET Development – the first phase


The latest version of .NET framework is 3.5 and one can start out by using the Beginner's Guide to Beginning ASP.NET 3.5: In C# and VB which is a comprehensive book about development using .NET 3.5. Those who have never done programming can use it and learn from it. It has a step by step instruction setup and the examples are given in both C# and VB. You can choose any of them for development.


The Integrated Development Environment or IDE which is widely used for .NET development is Microsoft Visual Studio and Visual Studio 2008 is the latest version that has come out while 2012 is in the offing.


While you can also use the cheaper 2005 version of Visual Studio, one can make the best use of NET 3.5's programming features by using the latest version. You can even download the trial version and also use the Visual Studio Express for free! The Visual Studio 2008 Express version is definitely good for web application development.


While .NET applications make use of a large number of databases including Oracle, Access, or MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most preferred ones. The latest version of the SQL server is 2008. There is an official version of SQL Server and there is the free version of SQL Server Management Studio Express. There are umpteen limitations in the free version since once bigger applications are involved, a pricier version of SQL Server would be recommended.


Here are some tools which will come in handy during .NET development. .NET development can get pricey unlike Java, which has a free IDE: Eclipse. These tools will make it easier for you to get into .NET development.


1. NUnit: Unit Testing is good for any developer who need functional, bug-free applications. MSTest is one unit testing tool from Microsoft which is available in some versions of Visual Studio. NUnit is like Java's JUnit for .NET.


2. NAnt: It can be quite tedious to deploy a website. Connection strings need to get updated and configuration files change. NAnt automates these changes and like Java Ant, part of .NET.


3. CruiseControl.NET: It is important to integrate new code with old code and make sure everything works perfectly. CruiseControl.NET is good for making that sure, with the help of Automated Continuous Integration Server and in conjunction with NAnt to run unit tests each time new code is added.


4. NHibernate: This is more like a framework and a .NET port of Java based Hibernate. It acts as a persistence layer between the application and the connected database. NHibernate is perfect if you do not want to write long SQL statements. Complex join statements can be written in a trice.


5. Mono: Mono can let you develop applications in diverse platforms like Linux or OS X. It is sponsored by by Novell and offers an alternative to IIS.







Microsoft Development Partner Benefits and Risks

Microsoft solutions have attended to diverse problems with major success. For a stronger partner ecosystem, Microsoft believes that every partner must receive substantial benefits. The goal of Microsoft's partner management teams was to crack sales. Microsoft partners have a huge amount of choices, including Linux and thin-client solutions; hence the company provides some strategic content and collateral's with huge marketing benefits. There are some technical benefits after one becomes a Microsoft Development Partner with different competencies.


  • By sharing technical data and other important resources with its elite set of partners, Microsoft makes sure that the third-party products meet the goals.
  • Partners also might get early releases of new Microsoft operating systems and applications, access to the technical SDK and some well-designed Microsoft templates which contain the technical details of a particular solution.
  • All partners also get access to important Microsoft communities, sites or newsgroups. The communities help in solving problems related to any of the issues that partners might be facing.
  • Some communities including the developer communities like Developer Network (MSDN) have been around from many years and some have come up to face typical issues.

Here are some Marketing Benefits associated with Microsoft development in the partner community.


  • Microsoft measures the customer base in millions and has expanded every year with each passing software release.
  • Its customers include eminent business and institutional settings since the company has been able to advertise its solutions with a wide reach and even helped its partners profit from the reach.
  • Partners benefit from marketing campaigns that is organized by Microsoft without having to bear expenses.
  • The Windows Marketplace includes thousands of software releases and solutions along with 50,000 hardware items sold and bought by partners.
  • Diverse quality of marketing collateral and campaigns are presented and produced by Microsoft which can then be used by their partners or solution providers.
  • Solution providers and partners can easily complement Microsoft offerings by making use of new markets and solutions.
  • One can make use of go-to-market campaigns which make use of opportunities and help in gathering partners to support them.

A close partnership with Microsoft can help its partners in Microsoft solution development and implementation and also help them to reduce marketing and sales costs. Most partners can recover the direct costs associated with the fees for program participation along with other certifications.

The product releases are up-to-date on time and hence there are less risks associated with failure of delivery.


Microsoft's success has a dominant factor in its software which can run on every PC and the low costs can help partners to develop attractive packages for tailored business requirements.


Microsoft has a huge partner ecosystem all over the world which helps the company to save on costs and also the aim to serve small customers which the company would not be able to serve easily.


The strong network of partners and the family of Microsoft's products has been a major reason for the success of most software based companies. Partners can take help from other partners and get tips from the partner program for successfully delivering solutions using Microsoft software.







.NET Developers are in Constant Demand in US and UK, According to Recent Surveys

The top requests from hiring managers this year has been for developers which is indeed great news for software engineers and professionals!


The recruiting environment for software development professionals including the .NET professionals has been quite good according to the jobs site Dice. IT teams are in great demand since they play pivotal roles in supporting companies' goals. Investment in technology has increased too which refers to the increasing demand on software professionals.


Hiring managers have searched for .NET Developers and professionals along with SharePoint developers in the last quarter. The need of .Net developers has increased since last year as companies are willing to increase their IT spending to reach their goals.


New York showed tremendous need of technology jobs including jobs for software professionals and topped the list of top cities for getting technology jobs. The demand has risen nearly five percent compared to last year in the city. The Washington DC/Baltimore metro were a close second while Silicon Valley, Chicago and Los Angeles were part of the top five according to the recent Dice report.


There is a great deal of analysis going on the relative shortage of .NET developers and Java developers in the US. According to a report released last September, the shortage of .NET developers has affected companies in all US states. The problem with the shrinking number of .NET developers is partly attributed to the fact that most professionals are concerned whether they will be able to move out to different platforms in the near future after they specialize in .NET Application Development. It is not easy for .NET engineers to branch out to multiple platforms, according to analysts. Additionally, software development professionals are concerned about the money gap since .NET developers are getting paid less that their Java counterparts on an average.


Matching up with IT professionals in the US, UK and Ireland also displayed a strong demand of IT professionals in their cities. The need for software professionals is particularly high in Ireland in different domains including .Net, Java and C++. Specialists of any of these languages are always in demand in these places.


Most financial services and insurance companies are opting to hire software professionals and also willing to increase their IT spending for the year to accommodate them, according to recent surveys.


Those candidates who are specialized in software development in one of the languages are in demand for their skill sets such as Java, .NET and C++ and most of them even command a hike of more than 5-10% when they are changing jobs in Ireland.


Project managers for .NET Development are also in demand albeit in contract roles. There is a high preference amongst companies to hire project managers particularly this year. Recent surveys indicate that .Net developers in UK earn salaries of between €47,000 and €66,000 annually this year which is a slight difference from the previous year where the upper limit was about €60,000.

General software developers are also in high demand although the salary range is a bit on the lower side compared to specialists. The future is expected to be bright for the .NET Developers throughout 2012 and continued business is expected to pour in for the professionals.







Types of Services Offered by ASP.NET Development Providers

ASP.NET is one of the preferred mediums of software development. Here are some of the integrations and features that are possible with ASP.NET.


ASP.NET involves the combination of Active Server Pages and the .Net framework providing one of the easiest ways to build dynamic web applications. It has innumerable scalable features and is quite simplified compared to the complex process of traditional application development. ASP.NET has proved to be a fantastic platform for developers and hence is in demand for different reasons. Some of the tasks which can be accomplished with ASP.NET Development include:


Integration of E-Pay web service:

To give the customer flexibility of payment in any mode they desire, one can integrate the facility of E-Pay in the existing website by utilizing the E-Pay web service.


Google like paging:

Paging is a very important functionality when there are thousands of records in a database. On the other hand it is unwise to show many page numbers at the bottom of the page for navigation. This makes the GUI look out of order. The best way to deal with this kind of problems is to use Google-like paging. This technique uses progressive paging approach. At a given time only a limited number of page numbers are shown as per settings.


Clean URLs:

For search engine optimization, the concept of clean URLs can be applied.


Preventing SQL Injections:

One can strengthen the security of the website by including protection against SQL injections.


Export and Import from excel/csv:

If a website lacks the support for export-import in any of the website modules, one can include the functionality in those modules too.



Reports play a very important part for decision making at Higher Level Management in the organization. One can include business intelligence related reports with attractive GUI appeal including charts for faster understanding and decision making. This saves time and money of the organization.


Marquee like News-ticker:

To inform the end user with all the latest news in an attractive manner, one can incorporate the marquee like News-ticker in the website.


Optimized Bulk E-mail sending:

When thousands of emails are to be sent (Newsletter, subscription reminders etc….), the existing code might have the need to be cleansed for better management of bulk sending.


Email Sending Scheduler:

One can send emails to the client through a scheduler integrated in the website. To incorporate this, a script needs to be created that was scheduled to be executed by Windows Task Manager as per scheduled time. In this way the performance of the website does not hurt when the emails are being sent as it can be done outside the scope of the website.


Other steps that can be taken to enhance the functioning of the website include cleaning of the database and making corresponding changes to the front-end, solving of typical CSS issues, SQL query optimization, etc.







Advantages and Scope of ASP.NET in Application Development

ASP.NET is one of the leading web application development frameworks which is mostly used to create dynamic web sites. Let us discuss how the framework scores brownie points for web development.


ASP.NET is extremely popular amongst the developers since the time it was launched by Microsoft in 2002. There are millions of developers in the world who opt for ASP.NET Development along with millions of companies who provide the services. The current version of the framework is 4.0 and hosts multiple enhancements from version 1.0. ASP.NET is actually from the family of Active Server Pages technology and continues to develop on the legacy. It is built on Common Language Run time (CLR) which helps programmers to code freely without having to use any supported .NET language.


ASP.NET Development can help in different categories including development of Business and corporate websites, social networking websites, and content management systems. One can even create web-based applications in accordance with business needs. One can even create a portal which can help for CRM purposes and also solutions related to e-commerce and payment gateway integration.


ASP.NET includes a lot of web content controls that can be customized and tailored according to needs. Microsoft has made sure that all the versions of ASP.NET server have a common UI and are progressive in terms of enhancements and features. The elements of the tax code, production and implementation are all assimilated in the framework and one can utilize them as per one’s needs. Application development with ASP.NET 4.0 is obviously much better than any of the previous versions. The new version also provides simplifications and improvements in the security model. Further improvements can be seen in quick start up time and pacier performance of multi threaded applications. Additionally, the dynamic language run time (DLR) is the new environment which adds dynamic services to the existing languages to the CLR. New interoperability features and improvements also find place in the new version along with its background garbage collection feature.


.NETASP Application Development includes ASP Code, help and support in the solutions that offshore vendors provide. ASP.NET Development includes complete solutions for dynamic web pages of different types and capable of delivering the best –looking and feature-rich websites better than many. The great features can help companies to expand online businesses and leverage on their image.


Here are some of the most important advantages of ASP.NET Development:


  • Seamless flexibility for viewing in multiple browsers including Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
  • ASP.NET reduces the size of the overall written code which is generally used to create large applications
  • ASP.NET is purely server-side technology hence the code is executed on the server and then sent to the browser
  • ASP.NET code boasts of high security features in its intrinsic setup
  • ASP.NET is easy to use for creating dynamic web pages and there is absolutely no need to register its individual components since the whole configuration information is built-in
  • It also has the ability to dynamically edit any of the content on the page
  • Additionally, ASP.NET allows the ability for any user to access data or database and return results

ASP.NET and most particularly the latest version 4.0 is well equipped to create enterprise-class web sites and web applications. Multiple operations can be performed simultaneously too.






ASP.NET for Mobile Website Development along with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

If you want to transfer money from one account to another or even check the latest soccer scores between Bayern Munich and Liverpool, you just have to log on to the mobile website of the same or type in a keyword in the search engine. With the increasing conversion rate of mobile websites, this is becoming easier. The features offered with the latest .NET Framework development platform have made mobile website development quite easier. One can leverage MS Visual Studio 2010 and ASP.NET MVC's powerful features to create small and effective mobile websites.


Mobile websites depend on the implementation choices that a client makes. Many of the popular smartphones are actually capable of displaying sites as they are displayed in the PC. Such sites usually have standard-compliant markup and the absence of any advanced functionality works in their favor.


Some sites fall short in some areas especially if there are some options which cannot be viewed through the mobile. One can close down those gaps by using mobile style sheets within the site. Mobile style sheets are CSS that can be used to send to all clients but applicable to mobile devices only. This approach is used by many and the developers choose to forget that the site needs to be viewed on mobile during development. They suppose that both standard web browsers along with mobile devices will be able to use content which is being published online. But it does not work well for some mobile browsers which doesn't have CSS support at all and might have to face several issues while viewing the page.


One can create multiple sites or a sub-site wherein one hosts multiple autonomous sites. This is one way of having mobile specific sites. Although the additional overhead is too much, there are some benefits as the webmaster gains the ability to focus the efforts on delivering the best features for every version specific to the audience and without compromises.


The same website can be used to deliver the results and changes are made dynamically, depending on the mobile platform and the device. Here the same code base and content is used for all site visitors. The website will detect mobile browsers and then adjust its display based on the markup that it renders. This approach is the most difficult of them all but the experience is mostly satisfactory for all types of users.


Both mobile and desktop browser requests have lately come up in hordes and have also caused many development teams to compromise on quality thus losing out on the futuristic benefits in the process. The tools offered in Visual Studio 2010 and ASP.NET MVC development can help in creating code base that can serve both desktop and mobile website users with optimum quality.


Elan technologies is an offshore software development and an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. We provide ASP.NET Mobile Application Development services and ASP.NET Consulting by highly experienced ASP.NET Developer with best technical support.